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Step out in style with our Denim Midi Skirt that exudes classic charm and modern flair. This high waist skirt features five pockets. Faded effect of the denim fabric gives this skirt a trendy, lived-in look that effortlessly upgrades your casual wardrobe. Its A-line hem adds a feminine silhouette, perfect for creating a flattering, vintage-inspired ensemble.

Designed with a seamless finish, this denim midi skirt ensures a smooth, sleek appearance that enhances your overall look. Pair it with a tucked-in top and some statement accessories for a fashion-forward outfit that's sure to turn heads.

Cotton 100%

-size S-
waist 34cm
hip 44cm
length 66cm

-size M-
waist 36cm
hip 46cm
length 66cm

-size L-
waist 38cm
hip 48cm
length 67cm