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RM 169.00
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RM 169.00

Introducing the ARLUE BLOUSE WITH TIE, the perfect blend of elegance and versatility. Designed to evoke a lovely and sophisticated mood, this blouse transcends ordinary styling to bring out the best in your wardrobe.

Featuring a unique cardigan-type design without buttons, this blouse offers a fresh, contemporary look. The absence of buttons gives it a sleek, streamlined appearance, making it easy to layer over your favorite camisoles and tank tops.

The highlight of the ARLUE Blouse is its innovative front ribbon. This elegant detail allows you to tie or pull the ribbon to create different styles, offering endless versatility. Whether you prefer a classic bow tie or a relaxed drape, this blouse adapts to your personal style with ease.

Crafted from thin and light materials, the ARLUE Blouse ensures maximum comfort and breathability. Perfect for all-season wear, its airy fabric provides a cool, refreshing feel during warmer months while remaining a stylish layering piece in cooler weather.

Cotton 100%

free size
shoulder length 38cm
bust 53cm
armhole 23cm
sleeve length 60cm
length 59cm